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Welcome to our website offering you the best in pet treats!

Our High 5 Pet Treats Company is committed to offering you that personal touch you've been looking for in unique treats for your special companion animal.

We are constantly working to develop new and innovative treats.  We currently offer treats for dogs, and horses, and are developing a special cat treat, which will be available soon.

All of High 5 Pet Treats are homemade from high quality, natural and good tasting ingredients. We also offer special Holiday treats, gift packaged treats and treats to support the efforts of Paws for Purple Hearts organization. This special program offers therapeutic intervention for military service men and women through training service dogs which will eventually assist other veterans. 
Please check out their website for the great work that they are doing.

Our treats are not a substitute for a regular healthy diet for dogs.

Our thanks to the many animals and owners who diligently tested our products, so that only the best tasting treats are made at High 5!

What our customers are saying about High 5 Pet Treats:

My horses (Major B and Little Joe) loved your mint treat cookies with the ground up peppermint inside. Because of some soundness issues with his hind legs, Major B can be a bit difficult at times because he finds it uncomfortable to hold his back legs up for trimming. In fact, I typically sedate him to make it easier. This Monday, Major was easily pacified with a few of your cookies and did not require sedation. He spent the entire time smacking his lips and licking my arm. Needless to say, I ordered four bags of these “miracle cookies” and I will share them with friends!

New Treats Available Now!

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