Our family-owned business, High 5 Pet Treats, has grown out of our love of our pets (Dogs, Cats, Horses) and our love for cooking. 

We believe in making excellent dog and horse treats for you to express your love and/or teaching moments with your dog or horse.

High 5 Pet Treats are made of all natural, human-grade ingredients, with locally grown beef used in our liver treats. Our treats do not contain preservatives or other chemicals that may be harmful to your dogs or horses. Our treats are dehydrated to enhance the shelf life and safety of our treats.

High 5 Pet Treat recipes have been created following the guidelines of good nutrition for your dog or horse.

With creativity and joy, we create delicious and artfully designed treats for your dogs and horses.

When Feeding a High 5 Dog Treat, you will see:
Eyes Intent
Lips Licked
Ears Perked
Body Still 
But it is
the Nose That Knows
and in an Instant
Crunch and Repeat